Provost’s Essay Contest

#UMassDBelieves | Write for a Prize!

Now that you’ve written your belief statement, we enthusiastically invite you to develop your ideas more fully to submit to the Provost’s Essay Contest. You’ve done all the hard work of formulating your belief statement,  so take advantage of this exciting opportunity to receive recognition from the Provost by developing your post into a personal “essay”! This project might take the format of a traditional essay, but feel to be creative in the way you choose to put words on the page.

Contest Guidelines
  • Revise and expand your belief statement into an original and insightful 500-word project that describes your experience and the values gained.
  • Remember, your audience is your incoming class, as well as the UMassD Community at-large, so you will need to be thoughtful, unique, and descriptive.

As a reminder, consider the experiences and values that shape you. Consider how you can clearly explain how you developed those values by grounding your belief in a lived experience. You may choose to reflect on just about anything, from experiences with family, friends, education, to adventures in foreign cities or your hometown, or perhaps a personal struggle that you’ve overcome– our values take root in an infinite number of ways. Visit National Public Radio’s Guidelines for New England’s This I Believe.

Spend some time revising. After the drafting phase, good writers lay their work to rest and return a short time later with a renewed sense of clarity and excitement. We encourage you to do the same to sharpen your ideas and polish your writing.

Recognition & Awards

In an effort to recognize stand-out submissions in our First-Year Writing Project, we will select the top 3 projects submitted by the incoming class and showcase them here on the blog. Stand-out submissions will be recognized with prizes from the Provost. Submissions are due by midnight 8/1/20. Late submissions are not accepted.

  • First Place: $250
  • Second Place: $150
  • Third Place: $100

Good luck writers and welcome to the Corsair Community!

Email Submissions To:
  • as a Google Doc or in Microsoft Word (NO TextEdit, Pages or Pdf please).
    • Grant “sharing” permission for web-based documents.
  • Redact your name from your essay (in the file name and the essay itself); submissions are evaluated anonymously
  • Email subject line: Your Name + Title of Essay
  • In the body of the email, please identify your preferred email contact and your full name